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Pregnancy & Childbirth

According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), during childbirth there is a loss of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids.  In caring for a newborn, mothers sometimes lose sight of their own health and wellbeing – eating and sleeping when the opportunity arises.  Exhaustion can lead to post-natal depression which in turn can lead to problems with […]

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Acupuncture for Anxiety & Depression

As our broadband speeds up and our phones get smarter, some matters regarding our health get overlooked — especially our mental health. Tablets and smart phones have made it more convenient to be connected, but a large number of people still feel disconnected. Fortunately, the Internet also has allowed people to explore the possibilities of […]

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Guolin Anti-Cancer Qigong

Qigong is a Chinese practice that involves various types of physical movement (some borrowed from martial arts), visualization techniques and controlled breathing to improve physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. There are several different types of Qigong, and one of them is Guolin Anti-Cancer Qigong, sometimes spelled Guo Lin Anti-Cancer Qigong, and also known as walking […]

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Tuina Massage

What is Tui Na?

Tui Na (pronounced Twee-Nah) is a form of therapeutic massage with its origins in early 1700BC China. The practice was quashed during the political and social upheaval of the early 20th Century and  was rediscovered after the Communist Revolution in 1949 with further disruption during the cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. Its revival, […]

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Can Acupuncture Ease Severe Constipation?

‘Electroacupuncture’ led to symptom relief even 12 weeks after treatment, study finds WebMD News from HealthDay By Karen Pallarito HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Sept. 12, 2016 (HealthDay News) — People with severe chronic constipation may get relief from a more modern type of acupuncture, new research suggests. After eight weeks of treatment with electroacupuncture — acupuncture […]

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