Herbal Remedies


Our herbal remedies are 100% natural since we made them with numerous plant roots like ginseng as well as whole grasses, stems, leavesa, flowers, barks and fruits.

Chinese herbal medicine is an integral component of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and is often used in conjunction with acupuncture as a safe and effective means of healing the body and mind as well as to maintain good health. Please see the wide range of illnesses and conditions that we treat at Acuhealth.


Our clinic in Manchester offers herbal remedies (also known as medicinal herbs) which are used in combination within a formula to treat each patient’s underlying constitution and most chronic conditions. These medicinal herbs have their own nature, properties and therefore medicinal use.

When prescribed by a qualified practitioner or Chinese herbalist, Chinese herbal medicine is extremely safe and effective. Contact us to see how we can help you.



Food can be considered a medicine that we take three times a day. Being aware of what we eat can help us to prevent disease as well as to maintain internal balance and good health.

For millenniums, Chinese have taught that a healthy, appropriate diet is an integral part of maintaining good health and healing various disorders. We are now open for diet consultations in Chinese nutrition with our expertise in Chinese herbal medicine and nutritional therapy to provide you with tools for integrating the principles of Chinese dietetics into your daily live. Dietary advice will give additional help on the adequate acupuncture treatment.