Podiatry is the internationally recognised name for Chiropody. An important relationship exists between the health of our feet and our overall well-being. Discomfort experienced in the feet often affects not only our mobility, but also our quality of life. Our clinic provides a more holistic approach to foot care along with  high professional standards.

A Podiatrist will carry out exactly the same treatments as a Chiropodist but with a few extra additions. Podiatry as the profession is known as has expanded in it's role over the last 10-15 years, with more and more Podiatrists taking up specialisms, such as diabetes, rheumatology, foot surgery for bunions, hammer toes, ingrown toe nails, musculo-skeletal disorders, sports injuries, homoeopathy, acupuncture and laser therapy.

A basic footcare clinic appointment will include toe nail cutting , callous and corn removal, application of footcream and foot massage, all done in our relaxing treatment room. Home visits are available.A new client appointment will involve a private consultation to discuss your podiatry problem and treatment options and will last approximately 1 hour.

Some examples of the types of conditions we treat are:



Painful feet

Arthritic conditions

Diabetic foot problems

Sports injuries

Planter Fasciitis

Nail care

Ingrown toe nails