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Infertility & Miscarriage

‘For all the treatments, the herbs, the patience, the wisdom, the listening & advising…For all your incredible kindness and care – a huge huge thank you! If Gaia has arrived here joyfully, it’s also down to you and your abilities as a doctor! So I just wanted to say a huge huge Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!’
With loads of love, Serrena, Alex + Gaia (Dec 2021)
‘Thank you for everything you did to help support me on my fertility journey – I really appreciate it!’
R Lathia (August 2021)
“You have been wonderful and a miracle worker. You have supported D. and I, and can’t thank you enough. Your help has gone a million miles to finding out we are due to have a baby.”
Lots of Love, M. & D.” (April 2017)
 “Been trying for a baby for quite a while. I decided to try acupuncture. After 3 sessions with Mei and some herbs I fell pregnant. Can not htank Mei enough. What she does is amazing.”
V.A. (April 2017)
“I came to Mei after having a miscarriage six months earlier and not having been able to get pregnant since. Within 3 sessions I was pregnant. My anxiety over getting pregnant was reduced and I felt so much better for continuing to come to Mei during my 1st trimester. Thank you so so much for all you’ve done. I would definitely consider acupuncture as an alternative treatment in the future. Mei has been brilliant.”
C. (May 2017)
“Am 40 years old and have been trying to conceive for 2 years. I had all the tests done which all came back okay, but still I was not ovulating and my periods were irregular. I almost lost hope until one faithful day I was passing by when I saw Dr Mei’s Chinese Medicine Clinic, then something flashed through my mind, this is my angel, I went in. Mei consulted me and gave me hope. It was amazing to tell the world that God used Dr Mei to put an end to my years of infertility. I got pregnant after three sessions of acupuncture and herbal treatment. Thanks to God and Thanks to Dr Mei.”
Blessing (2016)


Pain and Aches

“I woke up one morning with a stiff neck. I thought it would just go away after a day or so, but unfortunately it developed into something much more severe. I couldn’t move my neck and shoulder for nearly a week, had sever  headache, couldn’t even open my jaw at one point! I had to rely on pain killers to function normally and be able to sleep! I finally decided to go and sort it out at a chiropractor but was still too scared of the pain that might occur during the treatment. After talking to Dr Mei, I decided to try a session of acupuncture first, before turning to chiropractor, mainly because it would be relatively mild and pain free. Dr Mei put needles on my shoulders, neck, head and various acu points on my hands. It was my first time having acupuncture and I was very nervous. But there really was no pain at all! Dr Mei also did cupping at the same time. I could feel the instant relief of shoulder pain when the cups were on and drew my shoulder plates tighter together! Dr Mei also gave me some herbal powder to take after the session. That night I felt so much better and stopped taking pain killers. 2 days later I was back to normal, no more neck pain and headache! And I never went to the chiropractor! I couldn’t believe that’s just after one treatment! Wow!”
Tracy Zhou (November 2019)
“I am new to the clinic . I’m feeling better more relaxed. Mai is a very calm practitioner. I have every confidence in her”
Marjorie Squire ( Jan 2019)
“She treated me for carpal tunnel which was huge pain in my arms and hands. Thanks Dr Mei Xing”
Mona Nassar (Jan 2019)
“For acupuncture look no further! Dr Mei made me feel great after every session. I originally started seeing Dr Mei for problems with my back but quickly realised that regular acupuncture made a massive improvement to my all round well being. As a result of regular sessions with Dr Mei I had more energy, felt happier and less stressed. The practise has a friendly, professional and warm style and I highly recommend them.”
Teresa Bell (June 2017)


Turning a Breech Baby with Moxa ( Moxibustion)

“Thank you for your help. When I went to see the midwife the day after I saw you the baby had turned head down. You worked your magic! She finally arrived on Tuesday 6 days overdue and a good weight. She is beautiful and a good feeder/sleeper. I will definitely spread the word that moxa sticks work!”
K.D. (October 2011)



“I want to say thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me during these past months. I fell so much more confident and stronger and it is all down to your influence, and not forgetting the needles.”
E.S. (January 2014)


Anxiety and Depression

‘The acupuncture has really helped me a lot. When I first came, I was very stressed and anxious and now I feel a lot better. I would highly recommend coming here for acupuncture.’
Jacob L (Feb 2022)

Addiction – Quit Smoking

“I went to see Mei to treat several things. I remember that Mei asked me during our first session if I smoked. When I said yes she asked me if I wanted to quit. I said it would be nice but I didn’t give it more importance since I had already tried quitting once and it hadn’t worked. Three/four acupuncture sessions later I realised that I didn’t fancy smoking, I didn’t crave it  anymore. I was still having cigarettes, I imagine now that I was missing the “social” side to it in parties or at the weekend. A few weeks later I stopped forcing myself smoking and since then, 2 and a half years ago, I haven’t smoked. I feel actually as I had never smoked, that’s the best thing!”
A.C. (September 2014)


Skeletal Issues / Neck & Back Pain

“I have been seeing Mei for a few weeks now and I can not believe the difference it has made to me. I have 10 prolapsed discs covering my neck and upper spine (extremely painful).  I admit when I first went there it was a case of last resort and I was not convinced it would help, boy was I WRONG. I have managed to reduce my pain medication by 1 dose, my spine is freer and my whole mental attitude is so much better. I no longer dread every day.  I awake with a much more positive attitude, and that I am now convinced is down to Mei. I have even recommended her to a dear friend of mine who is trying to cope (and not succeeding) with very deep grief. Even if you are skeptical, as I was, give it a go, you may very well be surprised by her results. Thank you Mei!”
D.T. (May 2015)
“I have suffered with a bad back on and off for over 10 years. Private physio has normally kept this in check. However this episode of back pain had lasted over 2 months, 8 sessions of physio later and it was still not ” as normal” . I tried Bowen therapy as an alternative and this helped in the short term but did not last more than a few days. I was recommended Acupuncture from a physio at work and after 1 session there was a significant improvement and I have been able to do all my daily activities including horse riding, which I do 3-4 times a week. It is 2 weeks following my first session and I have remained without pain and feeling strong enough to continue riding. I would highly recommend this treatment. “
Becky Murray (April 2018)


Peripheral Neuropathy

“I have had numb feet for over 10 years and was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy (i.e. they don’t really know what’s causing it) and was advised I was pre-diabetic. I am unable to feel the difference between hot and cold. I have had acupuncture treatment from various sources over the past few years for a number of issues but mainly as a back up to some type of mechanical manipulation and been advised that the feet may get better on the back of this. They haven’t.
I have now finished a course of treatment (6 sessions) with Mei that has resulted in me being able to feel parts of both feet and be able to scrunch up my toes. I consider this to be a miracle considering the total numbness before and although I will be having further treatment (for weight issues also) I have high hopes that I will one day be able to keep flip flops on my feet. Each session I have with Mei leaves my feet feeling livelier than the week before. It’s an odd sensation as I had forgotten what it feels like to feel the floor beneath my feet but well worth the money spent and more.
I truly hope you ask Mei to help you.”
H.E. (May 2015)


Sarcoidosis – AutoImmune Diseases

‘I was diagnosed 5 years ago with the autoimmune condition, sarcoidosis, which affects my lungs. It makes me prone to chest infections and I have suffered from shortness of breath and coughing due to the condition.I went to see Mei over two years ago following a bad case of pneumonia. I have made steady progress in my general state of health and with my chest symptoms since having acupuncture and herbs. Earlier, this year, my hospital consultant noted that my chest x rays had improved, as well as the results of my lung function tests. I have had no other conventional medical treatment during this time which could account this. Previously, my hospital results had indicated a worsening picture.
Mei has been extremely supportive and professional throughout my on-going treatment. She is highly knowledgeable and always prepared to go the extra mile to help. I have every confidence that my health will continue to improve and I will always be grateful for her expertise in helping me manage a challenging medical condition. I cannot recommend her highly enough.’
A.C. (November 2014)


‘Thank you for treating me. I feel stronger than when I first came to you and so grateful to have no headache anymore! Good luck with your business and life.’
J.C. ( January 2013)