Arthritis is a condition categorised as ‘Bi Syndrome’. ‘Bi’ means obstruction and in Chinese Medicine there’s the belief that if there is no blockage, there is no pain.

The blockage can be found in the channels or meridians where the body energy flows through. Causes of this obstruction can be external wind-damp-cold (heat) in the case of rheumatism arthritis or obstruction in bones in the case of Osteoarthritis.


Acupuncture as well as cupping and moxibustion or moxa (burning sticks made of leaves) treatments aim to remove the blockage from the channels or meridians to reduce the pain. Acupuncture reliefs pain by:

– Stimulating the nervous system so our body produces its own natural hormones called endorphins which inhibits the sensation of pain
– Blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain
– Improving circulation as well as reducing the pain and inflammation in body points that trigger the pain (usually located in arthritic joints) by inserting fine sterile acupuncture needles around the area

At Acuhealth clinic we also use Chinese herbs if there is insufficient vital energy which is essential to allow the movement happen.