Chinese Medicine sees the head as an organ closely connected with and dependent on other parts of the body by meridians (channels of ‘Qi’ energy). It can be affected by external pathogens – wind, cold, heat or damp– , internal disharmony due to stress, imbalanced diet and chronic deficiencies for example ‘Qi’ blood essence.

Any internal or external imbalance will affect how the energy flows along the meridians which consequently will interfere with the nutrient supply to the head, blocking its orifices and causing the headache.


Since the cause of headache varies significantly from person to person, headaches should be diagnosed and treated according to individual conditions.

Wind obstruction, liver energy disharmony due to stress or hot food and lack of energy are the main pathogens that Chinese practitioner usually treats with acupuncture.

See what the British Acupuncture Council says about treating headache with acupuncture.