Acupuncture For Back Pain Cheshire

Back pain is a debilitating injury that can come from a number of factors in your lifestyle or movements. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is proven to solve these issues and our team at Acuhealth can administer acupuncture for back pain in Cheshire and Manchester.

You may have visited a physiotherapist and rubbed cream into the affected back area, but sometimes you can feel as though you’ve reach your wit’s end. Our team of acupuncturists will help your discomforting pain by inserting fine and sterile needles into acupuncture points across your back and possibly limbs to balance your energy.

These acupuncture points are all over your body and target the nerves in the muscles to stimulate the area. Endorphins and other chemical substances in the body will send messages to your brain to process your back pain in a different way.

After around 6-12 sessions of acupuncture for back pain, you will see the sheer difference in your problems. The stiffness and tension in the muscles will be alleviated and you can enjoy life to the maximum.

We sometimes prescribe Chinese herbs to help you release more freedom of movement. As these are analgesics, you will instantly begin to feel the pain reduce. We’re always happy to help you with your concerns, whatever they may be.

To discover how acupuncture can help remove your back pain, get in touch with us today.