Asthma and Cough

In Chinese Medicine, asthma and cough occur due to two reasons: an internal problem such as phlegm and/or an external pathogenic factor, such as wind. Windy weather can attack one’s lungs if the immune system is not strong. Internal wind normally appears along with cold or heat. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pollen is considered a sort of wind, so is dust.

The phlegm is largely the result of spleen dysfunction; that body fluid cannot be metabolized properly becoming stagnated and condensed in the body which forms a pathogenic factor called phlegm. Whenever there is a trigger, phlegm can cause symptoms such as cough.

When wind or phlegm invade the lungs, they can obstruct the lungs’ dispersing and descending functions which creates ’Qi’ rebellious in the lungs (Qi energy is not moving in the intended or normal direction) causing breathless or cough.


Our acupuncture treatment in Manchester aims to tackle the condition in the lungs. It also pursues to strengthen the immune system and restore one’s vital ‘Qi’ energy.

Although acupuncture for asthma will be the main treatment, cupping and herbal medicine can also be prescribed if appropriate.

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