Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by several conditions, lifestyle factors or traumas and in Chinese Medicine it’s due to a non-free flow of the body’s vital energy ‘Qi’ and/or blood. When the ‘Qi’ and blood flow freely, there is no pain and when one of them or both don’t move freely, pain appears.


It has been scientifically proven that acupuncture for back pain relieves discomfort or more serious pain in the lower back. Two clear benefits of using acupuncture for back pain is the lack of side effects and the fact that no medication has to be taken. Acupuncture has also proved to be particularly useful when applied alongside other conventional care.

By applying fine and sterile needles in relevant points of the body (called acupuncture points) the practitioner is able to reduce the pain and inflammation. The acupuncture for back pain also increases circulation in the affected area which helps with swelling, bruising, muscle stiffness and range of motion.

How does acupuncture work? Acupuncture for back pain stimulates nerves found in muscles and other tissues and releases endorphins and other inner chemical substances which will change how the brain processes pain. This way we will experience a reduction of our pain.

A course of 10 sessions are usually recommended to treat chronic back pain but it can vary from case to case.

Most of the times, Chinese herbs will also be prescribed together with acupuncture since they help to open the area and allow the release of constraint providing greater freedom of movement. They are also known to reduce swelling and since they work as analgesics, they also reduce the pain.

See what the British Acupuncture Council says about treating back pain with acupuncture or check our Frequent Asked Questions page for more details about acupuncture.

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