In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fibromyalgia is a disease categorised as ‘Bi-Syndrome’. Diseases categorised as Bi-syndrome are disorders resulting from the obstruction of meridians (body channels where body energy flows) and sluggishness of ‘Qi’ energy and blood circulation after the invasion of pathogenic wind, cold or dampness.

Patients who suffer from fibromyalgia present pain, numbness and heaviness in their muscles, tendons and joints; they can also suffer from swelling, hotness and limitation of movement of their joints.


Acupuncture applied in areas of tenderness and pain is the best therapy for treating the pain syndromes that usually accompany fibromyalgia whereas Chinese herbal medicine will treat the wind, cold and dampness and will underly imbalances in the body.

People with fibromyalgia usually also experience stress. Again, acupuncture is a very beneficial method to help with it by removing any stagnation in liver energy as well as nourishing the liver.

See what the British Acupuncture Council says about treating fibromyalgia with acupuncture.