Cancer condition was already recorded in Chinese Medicine’s classic book 2,000 years ago as ‘症瘕 (Zhen Jia). It is usually caused by an extreme deficiency in vital energy (body energy known as ‘Qi’) and an extreme excess in toxins which consequently cause a big blockage in the channel or meridian (where ‘Qi’ energy usually flows freely). The treatment is very hard or almost impossible due to the complexity of the blockage.

Basically, the vital energy is weakened due to stress, poor diet, external pathogens, a form of virus or non substantial phlegm consequently allowing stagnation.

Thanks to Western Medicine in some cases the patient’s cancer can be treated successfully by operating the patient and applying chemotherapy/radiotherapy. However, side effects from these treatments can be profound and can largely affect the patient’s quality of life.


Acupuncture and other forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine will help to reduce the side effects of the some symptoms.

Also using acupuncture for cancer as a preventative treatment is essential to those who have genetic risk of cancer or for those who have already suffered from cancer.

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