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Vicky (5 Stars, from Google Review)

Mei, is incredibly skilled but also highly intuitive. My Acupuncture sessions and Chinese medicine herbs have made a huge positive difference to my energy levels and overall Heath and are assisting me on my ivf journey. Highly recommended and a huge benefit to anybody experiencing stress or fertility issues or both. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shabana (5 Stars, from Google Review)

As a physician, I highly recommend Dr Mei Xing unique integrative approach to her patients. She intelligently identifies central problems to achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. Dr Mei is able to apply her expertise in both Western and Eastern medicine to provide safe and effective holistic care to patients. I admire her caring compassionate no-nonsense approach. Effective practitioners treat the cause and not just the symptoms. Being an expert in pattern recognition, she has managed to treat my entire body having correctly identified the root causes without simply treating the symptoms.
She has absolute mastery in herbal preparations, due to her decades of experience and natural intellect. Clinically, from a doctors point of view, I highly recommend Dr Mei as a premiere acupuncturist.

Ben (5 Stars, from Google Review)

I have had acupuncture here a few times and it has changed my life. I suffered with sciatica for years before coming to see Mei. I have since been back for a shoulder problem and had both acupuncture and cupping which have both been amazing. I would definitely recommend both.

Matthew (5 Stars, from Google Review)

Best treatment ever received for back / shoulder. Had lower back issues on and off for years due to two bulged discs. Had 3 sessions of acupuncture and since then had no problems.

Mohammed (5 Stars, from Google Review)

I have been coming to the Acuhealth Clinic after my triple bypass surgery to reduce the pain and increase the energy level.
After 6 sessions pain reduced a lot.

Lawrence (5 Stars, from Google Review)

Great clinic I’ve been going for 4 weeks now and I’ve felt the improvements and my stress levels have reduced, I’m a regular customer and will continue to be one.

Mohammed. I (5 Stars, from Google Review)

I have been bring my dad for the past 7 months to see John. After going to the doctors a lot and not getting any better, we were told about this clinic. When we came and saw John, we saw improvement within the first session and subsequently we have seen a big improvement in my dad. John and Mei have been fantastic and they have explained everything that they do perfectly, every step of the way. I don’t know what my dad’s situation would be at present if it had not been for John and Mei. Thank you very much. 😊

Michael (5 Stars, from Google Review)

I’ve been having acupuncture here for several years. It’s helped me a lot, I always feel better afterwards. Mei is great, friendly and knowledgeable. The experience is always enjoyable. Acuhealth is an essential part of my wellness routines.

Carole (5 Stars, from Trustpilot)

Mei is a high experienced acupuncturist who is currently providing treatment to me for my ongoing chronic pain which I have had for the last 5 yrs. She came highly recommended to me and I have every confidence in her. She is professional, she has an air of calm about her and so far I have had 2 amazing sessions with her and my pain seems to have slightly improved already. I urge anyone to give her or one of her team a go to get some pain relief. Thank you Mei for what you have done for me already and for what you plan to do to make every day less painful for me.

Mona (5 Stars, from Trustpilot)

I have been treated for carpal tunnel 5 session the result amazing and get herbal medicine for headache as well, result amazing Thank you Mei Xing.

Teresa (5 out of 5, from Facebook)

For acupuncture look no further! Dr Mei made me feel great after every session. I originally started seeing Dr Mei for problems with my back but quickly realised that regular acupuncture made a massive improvement to my all round well being. As a result of regular sessions with Dr Mei I had more energy, felt happier and less stressed. The practise has a friendly, professional and warm style and I highly recommend them.