Acupuncture For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) In Cheshire

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, sometimes referred to as ME, is a debilitating illness that affects how a sufferer sleeps and therefore how they function during the day. Upon waking, you will still be tired and when it comes to going back to bed, you will struggle to get off to sleep.

Sleep is integral to the healthy functioning of our bodies. This rejuvenating time restores your brain, replenishes your energy and relieves the aches and pains from the day. At Acuhealth, we can provide professional acupuncture for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in Cheshire.

The main symptoms of the illness include constant fatigue, erratic sleep patterns and, as a result, weak and aching body parts. Our team at Acuhealth can administer acupuncture to help with this problem.

As per Chinese Medicine, acupuncture can help to expel the Dampness that spawns from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, while clearing intrinsic pathogens according to an individual’s Chinese medicine diagnosis. Treatments aim to revive the vital energy (Qi) of the body and improving metabolism to help sufferers better deal with the rigours of daily life, whilst helping to wind down and relax at the end of the day.

Our clinic in South Manchester, Cheshire, can help recovery from a wide range of illnesses. From anxiety to stopping smoking, choose our professional team today.

To discover more about the treatment and the process we use for CFS, get in contact with our team.